May 19, 2024

As more and more “traditional” products and medicines hit the drug store shelves faster and faster, many people don’t realize the tremendous benefits that can be enjoyed by the use of traditional medications. These medicines contain only a Tonic Greens of the chemical preservatives, if any at all, compared to their traditional medicine counterparts. Although there are many over the counter and prescription medicines available for heartburn relief, nature based medicines for heartburn may be just as effective and cause fewer side effects.

If you are looking for herbal medicines or nature friendly products, there are many oils and herbal medicines that should help you get started. There are herbal and botanical products that some experts consider as nature based medications and alternatives to prescription drugs. In fact, some medical experts consider natural remedies to be superior to traditional medicines because of the notably shorter list of detrimental side effects.

Health enhancing or herbal medicines should never be used alongside synthetic or prescription drugs without the prescribing the doctor. There may be some chemical conflicts and hence, advice of the doctor is always preferred. You may want to begin to incorporate the benefits of herbal health into your everyday life by stocking your medicine cabinet with natural remedies, replacing non-natural products.

Ginko Biloba is one of the best-known herbal medicines for Attention Deficit Disorder and has been shown to be an aid for memory retention. But just like with traditional prescription medicines, be sure you understand what you are treating, and be sure to treat the disease and not just the symptom. For example, before we jump into the natural remedies for your itchy skin rash, it is important to understand what may be the root cause of the rash so you can prevent further outbreaks.

The benefits of oil have long been studied and proven by scientists. Research shows that oil has multiple health benefits on the human body, including accelerated fat burning, a healthy cardiovascular system, strong bones, teeth, and joints, and most notably – healthy skin. Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement obtained from the liver of cod fish. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, and high amounts of Vitamins A and D. These nutrients are essential to maintaining healthy skin, and protecting skin from harmful environmental teratogens.

Vitamin A deficiency can prevent new skin cells from reaching the surface causing them to die, leaving the skin dry and flakey with blocked pores and blackheads. Vitamin D has antioxidant properties that help heal and protect the skin. A cod supplement rich in Vitamins A and D helps the skin to retain moisture and combat dry skin problems. The Vitamin A and D in cod is fat-soluble, making it easy to absorb and be processed in the body. Cod liver oil is also high in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – two essential omega-3 fatty acids that are important in controlling and reducing inflammation in the tissues. Deficiencies in DHA and EPA can cause skin follicles to become blocked, leading to dry patchy skin and clogged pores.

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